Exciting publication of a new book about strabismus and amblyopia!


What will you find in this book: The newest and most advanced methods for treating amblyopia and strabismus based on the current neuroscience literature. The book is very comprehensive, but it is written in simple language for parents, non-VT OD’s, and other professionals. So it an excellent communication tool for both in-office and external use. Topics include:

  • Why patching is not the best method for treating amblyopia  – Why should strabismus surgery should not be the first choice
  • The benefits of Optometric treatment including behavioral lenses, graded occlusion, Vision Therapy, and syntonics
  • What the experts say- Quotes supporting a non-surgical behavioral Optometric approach from neuro-scientific, ophthalmological and Optometric sources
  • Testimonials from patients and parents who have been successfully treated using the new Behavioral Optometric Approach.
  • More than 200 supporting scientific references

The book will be in the COVD meeting this week and you can buy it through the OPTOMETRIC EXTENSION PROGRAM FUNDATION.



Pilar Vergara es Óptico-Optometrista especializada en desarrollo y visuocognición, Fellow C.O.V.D. y lleva 30 años dedicados a éste campo

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